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Emergency Deactivation System (EDS)

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Emergency Deactivation System

What is the Emergency Deactivation System and when do I need it?

The EDS is a real emergency tool. We do not expect many users to ever have to use it during normal usage of Ciphire Mail.

The circumstances under which you have to choose this option mostly involve dataloss on your local computer, loss of your computer or similar situations in which you cannot access your account data through normal use of Ciphire Mail anymore. (For example you just deleted your harddisk without uninstalling Ciphire Mail and deactivating your accounts).

How do I deactivate my certificates using the EDS?

  • Open the Emergency Deactivation System page.
  • Enter the email address of the account you want to deactivate in the first form field.
  • In the second field, enter the passphrase you used to originally create the Ciphire account for the given email address (or the passphrase that was active the last time your renewed the Ciphire account). Please make sure to enter the passphrase correctly. You will not be notified about incorrect entries.
  • Once you have filled in all the required fields, press the [Send] button to send the deactivation request.

You should now receive an email from the Emergency Deactivation System with:

Subject: Ciphire: Emergency Revocation in progress.

This email indicates that the EDS has verified the data you entered and has invoked the final deactivation procedure. If you do not receive this email within one hour, you may have mistyped your account address or passphrase. You can at any time return to the webpage and retry the EDS.

Once your certificate has been deactivated a confirmation message from the Ciphire Certification Authority will be sent to you.

Subject: Ciphire: Revocation succeeded.

This might take up to one hour, but normally takes just a few minutes.


After you deactivated your account, you have to wait two hours to secure the same account address again. This waiting time is an essential part of the Ciphire Security System and can not be circumvented.