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Ciphire Technology Explained

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Ciphire Technology Explained

From high level overviews to the most granular technical documents, you’ll find Ciphire Mail explained here. If you’re new to email encryption you might want to check out the Introduction and Papers. And for the more technical folks, you’ll want to head over to Expert Reviews. Something for everyone, with more to follow.

Introductory Papers

The following papers explain general aspects of email security and Ciphire Mail and are intended for non-technical users.

  • Public-Key Cryptography and Digital Signatures
    Introduction and definition of the terms public-key cryptography and digital signature.
  • Signing Email Messages
    This introductory document provides information why digital signing of email messages is important.
  • Public-Key Cryptography & Ciphire Mail
    The document contains basic information on crypto – short for cryptography – and a general introduction to Ciphire Mail.
  • How It Works
    Brief introduction how Ciphire Mail works.
  • Trust is transparent – Why Fingerprint Lists Matter
    A short informational paper on the Ciphire Fingerprint System.

Technical Papers

  • Technical Introduction
    A short technical introduction of Ciphire Mail. Intended for technical users.
  • Cryptographic Functions
    An overview of cryptographic algorithms and functions used in Ciphire Mail.
  • Design of the Ciphire Fingerprint System
    A technical description of the Ciphire Fingerprint System and fingerprint-related features of Ciphire Mail.

Expert Reviews

There is snake oil and there is peer review. We work closely with recognized authorities. Advanced users and technical experts will be interested in reading the »Security Design Review of the Ciphire System« by two cornerstones of cryptography and security, Niels Ferguson and Russ Housley. Bruce Schneier’s resistance analysis to insider attacks might also be of interest.

  • Security Design Review of the Ciphire System
  • Analysis of the Ciphire System’s Resistance to Insider Attacks