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Ciphire Mail Changelog

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Ciphire Mail Changelog

Version 1.2.47 (Release Date: 30 March 2006) +

  • More robust handling of corrupted messages
  • Fixed issue with handling of private keys
  • Windows: Better support for Microsoft Outlook

Version 1.2.42 (Release Date: 20 March 2006) +

  • New Ciphire proxy protocol for faster certificate and data lookups
  • Enhanced failover of Ciphire proxies in case of network problems
  • Enhanced caching of lookup responses
  • New signing option “Sign if encrypted” available as a global setting and as a per recipient setting
  • Support for SOCKS 5 proxies in order to access Ciphire servers/proxies (hostname and port number can be configured in the Ciphire Mail Options using Expert mode)
  • New certificate and key handling engine providing better performance and more detailed reporting about security warnings related to certificate validation.
  • Improved and faster account creation. Except for the challenge email that is used to verify the email address, all steps are now performed via a direct connection to a Ciphire server.
  • More detailed reporting about security warnings encountered while checking certificates and email messages. Instead of pop-ups, all security warnings are added to the body of the email message. Major security warnings are added to the top of the message while minor security warnings are added to the bottom. In addition, the subject report is set to “[Ciphire-warning]” or “[w]” respectively.
  • When receiving emails that cannot be verified because of any transient errors (e.g., network problems) the user now has the choice of receiving the messages in unverified form or to try again later.
  • New “individual address settings” to define if messages from a specific sender or domain are supposed to be encrypted or signed. If a message does not match the expected security status of a message a warning is added to the message.
  • New mechanism to export accounts via email using subject enforcer “x!” followed by account address (e.g., “x!alice@example.com”). Account data can be exported and send to any email address. If possible, Ciphire Mail will use Ciphire Mail encryption to secure the email messages. If this is not possible the user has to provide a password for securing the message. Old export messages created with Ciphire Mail 1.1 can still be imported, but not vice versa.
  • Enhanced support for passphrases containing Unicode/UTF-8 characters. However, this is still not recommended as Unicode characters may not work correctly when using the web-based Emergency Deactivation System to deactivate a Ciphire account.
  • Additional X-Ciphire headers in message header to allow mail clients and other third-party software to display status information about the message. In addition to “X-Ciphire-Report” these headers are X-Ciphire-Warning (if there was a warning), X-Ciphire-Encrypted-By, X-Ciphire-Encrypted-To, X-Ciphire-Signed-By, X-Ciphire-Signed-To, X-Ciphire-Signature-Time (ISO 8601 formatted timestamp).
  • New mode “Minimal” for automatic software updates
  • New mode “Extended” for fingerprint list checking
  • Enhanced Unicode support
  • Enhanced uninstallation mechanism
  • New format for account export files and account database files. Old files from Ciphire Mail 1.1 are still supported, but not vice versa. (Please note that you should avoid reverting your installation to an old 1.1 version. All accounts that have been created with 1.2 are not converted to the old 1.1 format, i.e., they would get lost. If you revert your installation, please delete the files “priv.db”, “priv.db.bak”, and “auth.db” from your Ciphire user directory, otherwise upgrading to 1.2 at a later time would not work correctly.)
  • Enhanced handling and processing of messages getting stored in the Ciphire Mail message queue.
  • Enforce certain limits on how many MIME parts are parsed in an email message.
  • Added workaround for mail clients and servers that do not handle messages with very large message headers correctly
  • More robust handling of non-RFC-compliant email messages
  • Linux: Syslog logging can be turned off completely. In order to do this add the configuration option “TR_SYSLOG=off” to “ciphire.conf”.
  • Windows: fixed failures when reactivating Ciphire Mail via tray icon
  • Various minor localization fixes
  • Various minor changes and bug fixes

Version 1.1.15 (Release Date: 14 September 2005) +

  • Added workaround for some mail server software that delivers invalid or corrupted email messages
  • Windows: minor changes to uninstaller
  • Mac: online help has been fixed
  • Linux: various localization fixes
  • Various minor changes

Version 1.1.9 (Release Date: 5 September 2005) +

  • Better handling of Ciphire signatures (non-western languages)
  • Internationalization: French (beta) available now
  • Additional encryption modes for individual recipient settings
  • Improved user interface
  • Queued mail issue resolved
  • Easier handling of software updates
  • More userfriendly uninstaller
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.0 (Release Date: 28 June 2005) +

  • First official release of Ciphire Mail

Version 0.90.19 (Release Date: 23 June 2005) +

  • Cleanup of logging and pop-up messages
  • Windows: Bug fix for tray icon handling during startup
  • Mac: Bug fix for automatic software update

Version 0.90.7 (Release Date: 15 June 2005) +

  • Cleanup of logging and pop-up messages
  • Bug fixes in message log application
  • Bug fixes for tray icon animation
  • And some other minor bug fixes

Version 0.90.5 (Release Date: 2 June 2005) +

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 0.90.3 (Release Date: 24 May 2005) +

  • Minor UI improvements
  • Improvement in signature handling
  • Mac: IMAP fix for Apple Mail (Tiger)

Version 0.90.2 (Release Date: 19 May 2005)

  • New and improved signature format (not backwards compatible with older versions)
  • Customizable signature text
  • Enhanced handling of multiple signatures
  • Redesign of the complete user interface
  • Easier account creation wizard
  • Clean-up of Ciphire options (simple mode)
  • Virus check support for decrypted messages (write to disk)
  • Improved preview of message with IMAP4 and POP3
  • Support for Ciphire gateways and domain certificates
  • Windows: Native Windows tray icon
  • Windows: Option to deactivate Ciphire Mail
  • Outlook: better handling of large encrypted messages
  • Many bugfixes, minor improvements and changes

Version 0.11.29 (Release Date: 03 Mar 2005) +

  • Less intrusive defaults for incoming mail markup
  • Configuration to only mark secured/signed messages
  • Speed improvements when scanning big IMAP folders
  • Opening options screen without active key possible
  • Mac: Menu icon is disabled until Ciphire Mail is running
  • Mac: Eliminated broken floating icon
  • Mac: Animation fix for Mail.app
  • Mac: Optimisation for automatic software update
  • Mac: Multiple user handling improved
  • Windows: Explanation for manual upgrade added: First uninstall
  • Several minor bugfixes

Version 0.11.11 (Release Date: 19. Feb. 2005)

  • Improved first popup after installation Add/Import/Wait
  • Mac: improved installer
  • Mac: improved activity icon handling with mail.app
  • Mac: optimized crypto libraries, factor 6x speedup for encrypted/signed emails

Version 0.11.6 (Release Date: 17. Feb. 2005)

  • Smart system mail handling on windows might have caused receiving the same mail multiple times – fixed
  • Smart system mail handling, especially for IMAP, improved
  • Integrity check tuned to only run during software updates
  • Mac: Startup time optimized
  • Mac: Some fixes for new installer and layout

Version 0.11.0 (Release Date: 11. Feb. 2005)

  • Tagging of outgoing emails disabled by default
  • SMTP parsing improved for exotic MTAs
  • SMTP timeout prevention improved
  • Queued mail problem in SMTP authentication fixed
  • A »remember passphrase« feature has been added
  • Passphrase timeout can be configured
  • Fixed »Cancel« button behaviour of passphrase popup
  • Major rework of software update system
  • Software update is not anymore instantaneous
  • Tagging of incoming emails with IMAP4 was fixed
  • Added X-Ciphire-Report header, for sorting/filtering
  • Some POP3 parsing fixes for exotic MTAs
  • The 2h delay on uninstall was removed
  • Uninstallation system revamped
  • New/changed SSL/TLS certificates from mail server are now shown
  • Windows: Icon behavior has been vastly improved
  • Windows: works now with McAfee and EZ Anti-Virus
  • Windows: network redirector mechanism further improved
  • Windows: will now detect network hickups in drivers on the fly
  • Linux: new installer supporting more platforms
  • Linux: improved support for automated software updates
  • Mac: new installer
  • Mac: full support for automated software updates

Version 0.10.51 (Release Date: 25. Jan. 2005)

  • 4x speedup for IMAP folder operations
  • fixed another Yahoo SMTP related problem
  • SSL .mac and Exchange issue fixed
  • improved integration with other applications
  • Mac: reduced CPU usage dramatically, also no spikes in CPU usage anymore unless you are using Norton applications

Version 0.10.49 (Release Date: 21. Jan. 2005)

  • fixed Yahoo SMTP problem, if you applied the ‘Yahoo Fix’ workaround before, please undo it again
  • improved SMTP timeout prevention
  • fixed a problem with mail handling when loosing the network connection while sending
  • fixed multiple mail server names problem. GMX/T-Online smart mail handling improved.
  • BCC signing bug fixed
  • IMAP delete success email without user delete(fix)
  • replaced “GMT” by “UTC” in email signatures
  • disable the ‘uncheck’ remove old sigs in the options for now
  • the HELO localhost problem, mostly experienced with thunderbird
  • fixed a pop/imap SSL problem with MS Exchange
  • Linux: improved installer, will need more work
  • Windows: adding wow.exe in the conf file

Version 0.10.45 (Release Date: 13. Jan. 2005)

  • and yet another timzone issue fixed, this time on linux, right before midnight, in the GMT zone

Version 0.10.43 (Release Date: 12. Jan. 2005)

  • an issue with southern hemisphere daylight-saving timezones on Windows XP during account/key creation was fixed
  • now as well working around an OL2002 problem where in SMTP the ciphire client was answering too fast for OL to notice

Version 0.10.41 (Release Date: 11. Jan. 2005)

  • a stall when using the ‘Wait’-option on initial install with IMAP was fixed
  • a rare MAC OS X issue with timezones letting account/key creation fail was fixed

Version 0.10.39 (Release Date: 11. Jan. 2005)

  • 10ms delay in smtp dialog to counter an internal Outlook2002 problem
  • text change for obsolete chal. mails
  • text change for secure new account popup yes/no/never
  • new skin for windows installer
  • minimize button on panel popups
  • Mac: fixed very rare installation problem

Version 0.10.26 (Release Date: 5. Jan. 2005)

  • a problem with the LITERAL tag in IMAP was fixed
  • a rare crash on empty quoted printable mails was fixed
    on MAC
  • ciphire-msg will use less mem and cpu now

Version 0.10.22 (Release Date: 23.12.04)

  • signature text was shortened

Version 0.10.13 (Release Date: 21.12.04)

  • initial 0.10.xx series release

(+) Version is available via automatic update