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Benefits of Ciphire Mail

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Benefits of Ciphire Mail

Ciphire Mail is the first transparent email encryption system that allows everyone to secure their communications without a steep learning curve. New users only need to download and install the client and provide their email address. Everything else will work as before. No key exchanges, no delays, no new routines.

  • You do not need to manually distribute your public key to your communication partners, Ciphire Mail does this for you.
  • You do not need to manually start decrypting encrypted messages or attachments – they arrive decrypted and checked in your email program.
  • Ciphire Mail checks for you if you can communicate securely with a specific communication partner – no additional effort for you.
  • Ciphire Mail also signs your emails and protects you against identity theft – read why you should sign your emails


Ciphire Mail – spy-proof email for everyone!