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Month: October 2021

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How This Sex Chat Site, Horny Chat, Is Making Their Site More Secure

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Adult orientated parts of the internet are notoriously dangerous for your computer, since especially in the earlier years of the internet, it was easy to get computer viruses there. In more modern times, that’s changed, and it’s safely to browse adult sites without fear of breaking your computer, but one site called Horny Chat is taking things further. Let’s take a look at what they’re doing.

End-to-end encrypted messages

Horny Chat is a site that provides video chat online where anyone can message each other for free. Since the site is entirely anonymous, you won’t even have to leave your username and your messages are end-to-end encrypted. Since most people are scared of malware, that’s a pretty safe thing to offer.

Since the messages are completely anonymous, Horny Chat can’t really tell whether your messages should be trusted. This way Horny Chat is offering a safe place for people to chat, regardless of if you’re a man or a woman.

Extensive privacy options

Besides being very secure, Horny Chat allows you a lot of advanced features as a user. For one, you control what categories you’re willing to receive messages from and can hide them from even seeing (and possibly not even sending to you). Another thing that Horny Chat allows is that you can easily make your messages hidden from friends. You can make them hidden to everyone, just you, or people who have given their permission first.

Another feature of Horny Chat’s privacy options is that you can hide your chat histories from being seen by others. For instance, if you and someone are chatting to each other and you come across a message that you want to keep secret, you can just select “hide”. This will then completely hide the chat from everyone, but if your friend should choose to view the history, they can. Another option is that there’s also the ability to delete your chats from history entirely.

Beyond the privacy features, there are also the “block” and “report” features. These may not be as helpful as some of the privacy options, but they can be handy if someone is causing a problem. Say, for instance, you were chatting to one someone and then she started messaging multiple people, that one person could block her while everyone else can still see the chat. If someone is spamming chat rooms and sending a lot of links to a chat, you could “block” that person immediately. Again, if that person is friends with you, they can see what that person was doing.

Even though these privacy options aren’t as helpful as some of the other options, they do a decent job protecting you from a lot of problems. Even with just these simple privacy options, Horny Chat makes using it a much safer experience.

More secure encryption

Since Horny Chat is end-to-end encrypted, that means your messages aren’t being monitored by their server, but are instead being encrypted as they’re sent from your device to their server and then as they’re sent back to your device. That is what makes these options so secure.

Another thing about the encryption is that Horny Chat allows you to download a copy of their entire database to your computer and then you can use an encryption program to encrypt your chats. If that database gets infected, your chats will be protected from that. Other end-to-end encrypted sites like this don’t allow you to do that.

Even though you could download the database to your computer, it’s still much safer not to do that, since in the event that the FBI or someone else gets their hands on it, then at least you’re protected from that. This encryption also won’t store your contacts lists or your photos like some sites do (some of which also store your credentials, but that’s not what end-to-end encryption is about. Instead, it is about keeping your messages completely and utterly private). You can see how this can be used to increase the security on other sites in the future.

When using Horny Chat, your chat is also encrypted with the following program:

OpenSSL (https://www.openssl.org/).

Since this encryption is more secure, you don’t need to worry about anyone being able to read your chats. Even if Horny Chat is hacked, it can’t read your chat messages.


These end-to-end encrypted chats that Horny Chat provides are quite a good place for chatting. Although many sites provide similar options, there isn’t one option that’s so secure on so many ends. This means that there’s no other site like this out there right now.

It’s not the only site to offer encrypted conversations, of course. But it’s certainly a safe option to have if you’re on this type of site, or to check out the features to decide if they’re something you want.

Sex Chat is an adult platform that allows people to interact to talk about sexual and intimate fantasies. It is a fun place to let your creative juices flow and discuss your kinks and fetishes. You can flirt with other members, find new friends, share stories and other fantasies about sexual things that would turn you on.